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This Pregnancy is So Different

Wow it's been a long time since I last wrote in this blog. Life has been busy with Vitality, raising Sloane and now getting ready for baby #2 (due in 3 weeks)

This pregnancy is so much different than my first. I had a lot of energy the first time around and didn’t have much pain overall. This time around, I have no energy, my body aches and I don’t feel like exercising, which if you know me, you’d know that is strange. It's a mental struggle for me, knowing I should exercise and resting. I have found this time around my workouts are much more half attempted than whole hearted full effort.

Movement makes my body feel better, so on days when I don’t have much energy, I do these 4 exercises. Sometimes these movements make feel better and have more energy, so I continue on with more or other times this is all I can manage.

I have to stick with bi-lateral movements (both feet on the ground) because I have pubic bone symphysis resulting in pubic bone pain in my groin and a burning sensation on the top of my pubic bone. Unilateral exercises (think lunges) make the pain a lot worse.

Squat with Lat Pull down – I really focus on keeping my shoulders down and squeezing my shoulder blades together on the pulldown part. This really helps my back pain.

Hip Thrusters – this is one of my all-time favorite exercises. It feels good to work on my glutes. The hardest part is getting on and off the ball!

Seated Lateral Raises – I like sitting on the ball so that it indirectly works my core. And I do love working on my shoulder muscles because I can still see the definition.

Goblet Squats – I do these slow and controlled, focusing on inhaling down into the squat and exhaling while standing back up. Holding the weight adds a bonus to working my arms.

So if you're pregnant - or just struggling to get moving, try these out and see how they feel with your body.

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