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In-Person Training

I own Vitality Training Studio (located 7735 W Long Dr #16, Littleton, CO), which is a semi-private personal training studio, and train clients out of there. If we not a fit for each other or I don't have availability for you, I have other well educated and wonderful personal trainers who work at the studio that might be a fit.


In-person training options:

Individual Training: 

One on one personal training. Includes a fitness assessment, program design and nutrition consult for whatever your fitness goal is. I offer 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions. The number of times per week depends on your goals and commitment.

Small Group/Partner Training (2-4 people): 

Sometimes it helps to workout with a friend to help

motivate each other. An additional benefit is that

this option is cheaper. Includes fitness

assessments, program design and nutrition

consult for whatever each individual fitness goal

is. Modifications or different exercises are provided for each person. ​I offer 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions. The number of times per week depends on your groups goals and commitment.


Small Group Classes:

Vitality Training Studio offers a number of small group classes throughout the week. Since Vitality is a semi-private training studio, the class is limited to 6 students, allowing the trainer to still be able to pay close attention to each client. Take advantage of one of these classes today. Click here for the schedule.


*Fitness Assessments: To provide a starting point for you – Includes Identifying Fitness and Nutrition Goals, Strength and Form Assessment, Body Measurements, Body Fat Calibration Testing

"Stef worked with my 83 year old mom to help her prepare and gain strength to get through a knee replacement surgery. Stef was amazing! My mom was so excited to see her three times a week. After losing my dad to cancer last July, Stef wasn't just a personal trainer, she became a friend and uplifting presence in her life. Post surgery, my mom is doing fantastic with her new knee! The physical therapists have been amazed at how quickly she was able to rehab. She is now walking about 20 minutes a day only 1 month from her surgery!" - Sue

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