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Online Training


Online training is for people who....

  • Lack ACCOUNTABILITY of consistently staying on track with their exercising, diet and healthy lifestyle 

  • Are NOT a complete beginner to strength training

  • Are tired of the same boring gym experience

  • Want to STOP feeling weak, unconfident, or depressed about how you look

  • Need FLEXIBILITY in their workout times

  • Have access to some form of fitness equipment (bands, dumbbells) -whether it’s at a gym or home

  • Have no current major injuries or any other medical conditions

  • Have the commitment and dedication to improve their health week in and week out


Benefits of Online Training:

  • Flexibility and availability of workout time and location

  • Accountability and Motivation

  • More cost effective than in-person training

Think online training is for you?
Click the button to apply for online training with Stef

Customized Wellness Plans Just for You

*Only a few new client slots remaining, so make sure you apply today

Workout Program

Customized workout program just for you

Accountability & Support

Email/Text/Call me for any questions or help. I perform weekly check-ins to keep you on track. 

Meal Plan

Learn tips on how to eat the foods you want to eat

There are a few different wellness plans to choose from, ranging from $79 - $399.

Fill out the application and schedule a call with Stef to determine which package is best for you and your goals. 

"Stef is a one of a kind personal trainer. She has a way of motivating you so that anything seems possible. I started with Stef's Biggest Loser Challenge and was blown away by the impact it had on my life in less than three months. Stef provided wonderful challenges for food and exercising that were manageable and fun to help lose weight over the holidays. At nearly 47 years old, I have never actually dieted but watched my weight go up a few pounds each year. Stef helped turn back the clock and got me feeling better and LOOKING better than I have in ten years. Now I'm motivated to continue working with Stef to really find the best ME. The WAY that Stef delivers training and advice is what sets her apart and her knowledge base helps her relate to people at all levels. She makes any health goal attainable!" - Rachel

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