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Nutrition Coaching


We all know that what you put into your body is really what defines your body shape. And a good diet helps make your workouts be more effective.


For nutrition coaching, we sit down and discuss what you are eating. And I provide you with modifications you can do to better fuel your body.


Nutition coaching is included in all in-person training packages or can be purchased separately.

"I met Stef, through our Biggest Loser Challenge at work. She was the second health coach we brought in and I to have say, this time around was awesome. Stef listened and asked and then created a plan that worked best for me. I have struggled with my health for the last year or so and often I would hear, you are just making excuses not to work out, not to eat healthy ect ect or I was being pushed to try supplements. But Stef, she actually cared about what you were saying and worked with that. In addition to my BLC, I did her 6 week summer course and man she pushed me. Since Feb. I have lost over 25lbs. and then some. She continues to encourage and provide feedback and support as I come up on another health hurdle. She has made me realize that I can do this and will do this for me." - Suzy

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