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My 30 Day Challenges are made up of all body weight exercises, so you can do them anywhere! They should take only a few minutes out of your day to do the day's challenge. There is NO reason why you can't do them!  
There are 3 types of challenges to choose from: Lower Body, Upper Body, and Core. You can select one challenge or all of them. If you purchase all three, there is a discount offered (under Bundles). .
Each challenge has a beginner, intermediate and advanced option. Make sure to select the challenge that's right for you and your current fitness ability.
Here is a sample video of one day's challenge:
I'm Down - Let's Buy a Challenge 
You can buy one, two or all three challenges. If you buy all 3, make sure to select the bundle option for the discount!
The specific challenges are located as a drop down under the 30 Day Challenges tab or you can select the links below:
Contact me with any questions or concerns. Make sure to share your thoughts on them and progress on social media and tag me in it! @trainedbystef
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