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Pelvic Floor Issues

So as I said in my previous post, I am dealing with some pain. I did everything "right" during pregnancy - or as right as I could with my insane brain. I saw a pelvic floor PT during, I stopped running at 24 weeks. I wore an SI belt to help with pubic bone and back pain. I saw a pelvic floor PT before and after I was cleared from my OB. But still, I have pain.

I sought out a 2nd opinion on my pain. I think I am limited when a doctor, especially a PT, knows that I am a personal trainer. They think I should know what to do already. I do know the muscles and how to strengthen/stretch things, but it's a lot easier for me to watch someone do an exercise or even walk and to note what they are doing incorrectly than on myself - even with a mirror.

The PT I am seeing is a month out on appointments - I got lucky and was able to get in within a week for the initial consult, but now have to wait for the remedies. The initial "diagnosis" is that my pelvic floor muscles are super tight (kegels aren't always the solution), causing my pubic bone to pull, resulting in pain. And I have an imbalance of muscles of my glute or back. That is to be determined based on when we start working together. I asked the PT what I should be doing in the meantime and she said to work on my hip muscles and stop doing kegels. I asked if I should strengthen my hips to fatigue every day, 2 or 3 sets. She just looked at me and then remembered I was a trainer and corrected herself and said to fatigue 2 sets only 3 days a weeks. You got it - I am the best patient they can have since I will do the exercises without question.

She also recommended me to get dry needling done. I've done it twice already. Have found that my glute is SUPER tight. Thankfully, after the 2nd treatment, things are feeling a lot better. Thank God! I am doing accupuncture every other week and chiropractic, getting a sports massage (anything but relaxing) once a month with cupping and taping done. I am starting to stretch more - have done a couple of Wai Lana yoga videos on Amazon Prime (thanks for the reminder and recommendation, Dana!). Wai Lana is an odd duck but I've been enjoying the stretching!

The PT told me I could continue to run/walk as long as I stick to the intervals and if the pubic bone pain happens, just to note if it goes away quickly or if it hangs around all day. Thankfully it does go away pretty quickly. The other pain lingers. FUN!

I don't get how women just dealt with the pain - or incontinence. Maybe it's because women are having kids older now, that younger bodies don't necessarily result in issues, but I can't imagine not having a doctor that could help fix these issues - or personal trainers now too with the muscular part.

So I am just waiting for my appointment at the end of the month - hoping it'll fix things. I am proud of myself for "taking it easy". I know having dealt with my surgery and recovery helped my mindset a lot. Knowing that healing takes time and my muscles and body will return. So everything happens for a reason - perhaps this was my reason for having to undergo surgery?

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