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The Stages in Life are Our Stories

I posted this on my social media a couple days ago. I got a lot of compliments from people or encouraging words on how I will get my body back soon. Yes, that was all very nice to hear, but that wasn't my point or purpose, so let me clarify.

Left to right: Sept 2016 (2 days before hip surgery), Sept 2017 (a week before we conceived), Aug 2018 (8 weeks postpartum)

In 2 years time, my life (and body) changed a lot. I had labral reconstruction surgery to my right hip. I couldn't walk for 8 weeks and it took 9 months before I could do the active things I loved again without pain or repercussion to my body. Less than a year later after surgery, I had gained about 5 pounds to get pregnant per the doctor's recommendation - not being able to be as active helped with that. I hadn't gotten back into plyometric training because I wanted to focus on running and needed to be careful of my newly fixed hip (didn't want to risk messing up the surgery because I had heard horror stories of people who had) by not doing to much at once. I was training for a half marathon when I got pregnant. I ran it at 6 weeks pregnant, almost throwing up quite a few times during it from morning sickness. I beat my goal time of under 2 hours but wasn't back to my pace prior to surgery. I was happy with that. And now, 8 weeks postpartum. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't wish I looked how I did 2 years ago..that I don't get down on myself for it. I've suffered from self image issues since the 4th grade and this kid, Matt, told me I had thunder thighs (for the record, I did not). I'd be lying if I told you I don't miss running or plyometric training and am not itching to return to it. I think about resuming it almost everyday. But am I going to? Not yet.. I'm going to focus on healing my body, restrengthening my core and surrounding muscles, embracing motherhood and then slowly get back into it.

Each picture above represents a story of a stage in my life. In all 3 pictures, I am happy (well I was terrified in the first one since surgery and the unknown scared the heck out of me). Each stage of my life builds on each other. I learned a lot from my surgery and it really helped me with pregnancy and now pospartum. I learned that patience and healing your body is much more important than going for a run. I learned that our bodies are amazing machines. Mine accepted a foreign piece of tissue to allow me to run and jump and sit without being in pain and it created a beautiful, perfect little girl and keeps her alive.

In this current stage of my life, I am not really concerned too much with the extra curve of my waist and the looser skin. I know I am fortunate compared to some other new mommas - I got lucky with how my body handled pregnancy. I know that one day, when everything is healed up and I feel comfortable about it, I will get back to my old running pace and doing plyometrics easily. And my body will get back to how it used to look - or maybe not - I don't really know. For now, my priorities have changed. I am working on spending as much time as I can with this little miracle, am enjoying walking outside, and when I find the time working on exciting things that I have going on in my business (a postpartum workshop I'll be starting to do next month and expanding my business (but more on those in a future post)). And in the mean time, high waisted capris are amazing.

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