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The Difference 1 Month Makes

It's been 4 weeks since I had Sloane. Time sure goes by quickly, even though I honestly haven't done much. I completed a Postpartum Specialist certification - I only had 1 lesson left and the final test to complete before she was born. In that certification, they talk about the connection breath and minimal exercises to do starting 2-3 weeks post delivery. I started doing those exercises, which include kegels, heel slides, and mini squats while focusing on breathing.

I went to a pelvic floor physical therapist yesterday. She accessed my diastasis (I have a 2 finger gap at the belly button). This is normal by the standard, but since it was only .5 finger at 20 weeks pregnant, we would like to close the gap a bit more. I was given homework to do. I need to go back in a few weeks for her to do an internal exam on me to see how well the tissue has healed. She told me that I could continue to walk as much as it feels comfortable and the after effects aren't bad (no pain/bleeding the rest of the day). She even told me I could start using the elliptical (easy), and walk/running. But I think I am going to hold off on that for a few more weeks.

For all those mamas out there, I recommend you seeing a pelvic floor PT! Even if you aren't having issues specifically, but especially if you are (incontinence, prolapse, coning).

Some days, depending on how much or little someone chooses to nap, I can't even imagine finding time to really exercise, especially not the hour sessions I used to do. I do take her and Jersey (the dog) on walks in the early mornings or late evenings when it's cooler out. She tends to fall asleep in the carrier or stroller, thankfully - and I have really been enjoying the walking. I listen to books while walking so it's entertaining and I feel like I am accomplishing multiple things at a time.

I took a picture today, of the difference 4 weeks makes. I am quite lucky that I dropped most of the weight I gained quickly. And it's interesting to see the puffiness pregnancy did to my face and arms, especially. (And my posture isn't that bad, my hand is just hiding part of my back.) Sure, I still have toning and tightening to go on my stomach, but like I said in my last post, I am extending myself grace and not harping on it. I am excited to start really exercising again (once I have the time), but it's not to get my body back. It's more to feel my muscles working again.

One thing I find funny is that I look more tired in the pregnant photo than the photo now, which is definitely not an accurate description of the truth. :)

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