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1 More Week (Supposedly)...

One week until my due date! It's crazy how fast, but not too fast the time has gone by!!! And yes, it still hasn't really hit me that a baby will be here very soon. I'm more focused on the actual process of labor and delivery.

Although I have been feeling those lightning bolts, more pressure and stomach tightening, I am guessing this baby is going to be late in arriving. As my clients all told me yesterday, I got a lot bigger from Friday which probably explains why my mid-back has been aching this week. I have been trying to sit on the stability ball more, especially when watching tv, but that hurts my back more. I read somewhere that doing pelvic tilts and bouncing on the ball might help, so I have been doing that.

I feel bad saying this, but I am feeling pretty good. I am fortunate to not be swollen - I still have ankles! My feet get a little puffy but it's not too bad at all. And my face still looks the same. I have still been able to do CycleBar twice a week (45 minute classes), strength train for 25-35 minutes 3-4 days a week) and am walking a lot. People are amazing that I am still doing all that. I guess most people may be just lying on the couch to rest - I am trying to do that more when I have time (I spent a lot of the weekend reading a book for Book Club so I am resting somewhat) - but I love to move, as you all know. And I am so glad that I can still do it. Sure, I use my Bao Bei band to hold things in and my SI belt to help my back, which helps a lot, but otherwise I am fine.

Even though I am working out, it doesn't feel very easy - so I decided to not film full workouts for my YouTube channel, but wanted to capture them. So I filmed a couple of the workouts that I have been doing but only 1x through, instead of the 3-4x that I actually do. That way people who want to try the workouts can see what I am talking about and do the rest on their own. It actually was shocking to watch me in the video - to see how big my belly is. But it'll be fun to see it again once I am back to my "normal" size.

"Normal" is in "" because I am not going to focus (easier said than done) on getting my body back. From researching, doing my postpartum certificates and watching videos on professionals focused on the pelvic floor and women's confidence and self image, I am learning the importance of making sure you are actually fully healed from the delivery (it's crazy how there is not much support from OBs for even discussing that - it's a traumatic event that happens to your body and so many things can and do get messed up - and if you don't correct them, then you can have long term effects down the road) instead of focusing on losing weight. I am going to have to go shopping for in-between normal clothes in the mean time. But I will be ok with that. :)

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