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38 Week Along and Here are My Workouts

I am 38 weeks along and am thankful that I have been feeling well enough to continue to exercise throughout the whole pregnancy. Maybe I have been feeling well enough because I exercised throughout it??? Regardless of what it is, I am glad for it.

My strength workouts are a lot less intense and shorter than they used to be - sticking to between 25-35 minutes long. Some of that is because I am tired and not feeling it, while others is because I am on a time restriction between clients. My hiking is slower and I need to rest more. I am really enjoying walking with Jersey - well when it's not 90 degrees outside and Jersey can't cut the heat (poor girl).

Here's a glimpse of my workout life the past couple days:

Thursday - 25 minute total body strength workout, 3 mile hike

Friday - 50 minute walk with Jersey - it was my rest day

Saturday - 5 mile hike with Chris and Jersey

Sunday - 25 minute strength workout focusing on hips, back and quads, 9 mile bike ride

Monday - 35 minute strength workout focusing on hamstrings, biceps and triceps, 50 min walk with Jersey

Tuesday - Spin Class

Sure, some parts of the day I have super energy, while others I am exhausted and need to lie down and rest. Which I do. I don't really know how to nap, but at least I am resting. That counts right?

I have been getting regular acupuncture treatments, massages and even tried a float tank the other day. Self care is really important.

2 weeks left until Skittles is supposed to make an appearance. I wonder how close to my due date the baby will come

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