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R&R Isn't Going So Well

Less than 3 weeks until my delivery date and I am struggling to relax. I usually always do, as Chris can tell you. I don't want to say I am nesting because I generally always tend to "nest" - meaning I want the house cleaned, projects done immediately, things decluttered. The nursery is done - or as done as it will be - the basic things are washed and put away. My back is mostly packed with a list of things I need to add to it last minute. I made a list of people Chris will need to contact (family and clients) to let them know I am going into labor and won't be training them that day or to come and watch Jersey. The only thing we actually need to do is put the car seat into the car. We have an appointment on the 5th to have that inspected, so it's a job for next weekend. I don't want to do it sooner because Jersey likes sitting in my backseat of the SUV we have and I don't want to crowd her when we don't have to. She will be in the truck from now on soon enough.

The past couple weeks I have more energy again, which is nice. But that doesn't make me want to rest much. One of my clients, R, emailed me the other day and told me to rest. It's funny. It was like I need permission to rest. I had gotten a book from the library that I was looking forward to reading and her email basically "made" me sit on the couch for a couple hours and read. So thank you R! :)

I did convince Chris to go to the neighborhood pool over the weekend for a bit. Mostly because it was so hot, but it was nice to relax there too - well as relaxing as a couple hours spent surrounded by a lot of screaming children. I was surprised that my bikini still fit - sure it's tighter in areas but it still fit. It was funny to float on my back and see my belly above the water.

Maybe I am doing too much, but my body hasn't told me otherwise. I hope I am not harming the baby at all but staying so active. I suspect that this kiddo will need to be held everywhere I go because it is so used to my constant motion for the past 9 months. I might regret that in a month or 2, but I am hoping this will help with recovery.

I mentioned this in the past, but since going through this experience, I would like to try and work more with pregnant and postpartum moms. Helping them get into as good as shape as they can before they get pregnant, stay as active as they can be during pregnancy (but smartly), but slowly start exercising after the baby is born. I haven't decided with what capacity this means - if it's creating a program for them to do on their own, online training or in person classes. I intend to figure this out during my maternity leave.

One thing I learned and was taught in my certifications is that sure you can technically do everything you can do while pregnant that you did before you became pregnant, but some things just shouldn't be done because what is the point. It can lead to unpleasant things down the road.

And even though you get cleared at 6-8 weeks post delivery, you shouldn't just jump right into jumping, running, climbing, cross fit, etc. You should ease your way into it because there is no way your body is fully healed in only 6 weeks. I may struggle with that - especially once the extra weight is mostly off me, but I am going to try.

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