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I Don't Mean to Complain...

Everyone keeps telling me how much they loved being pregnant. How feeling the baby move around is magical and their favorite part. Maybe I am missing the cuddly/loving gene, but I am not loving being pregnant. My pregnancy hasn't been terrible - I have heard horror stories of what poor women endure, however, I am going to be honest - I am not loving it. I don't love feeling the baby move. Sure it's really cool and definitely a miracle, however, it's pretty uncomfortable when it moves around. Especially when it hurts a nerve and causes a zing down my body.

I have to sit upright all the time because otherwise I can't breathe right due to my lungs being squished - even sitting on the couch is uncomfortable. I am more clumsy than normal but bending down to pick things up off the ground is a big chore. I had to sit down to rest after changing the sheets on the bed the other day.

My stomach is clearly squished since I can't eat that much at one time. I am not hungry much these days, but I know how important nutrition is so I have been drinking a lot of veggie and fruit filled smoothies.

I am really enjoying walking, especially since the weather has been really nice out - if I have my SI belt - otherwise I tend to limp. I am still strength training 3-4 times a week, but am not really loving it. It seems to take a lot more effort to do that stuff than walking. But I am still doing it. And I go to Cyclebar at least once a week.

It seems like every other day, I feel super exhausted where it takes a lot of energy to just function but the rest of the time, I feel great. I started taking MCT oil in my water or tea per a recommendation of a client. It's been helping with energy but today is one of the exhausted days.

I am starting to prepare for me being off work for a few weeks at least. I have another trainer that will be taking over some of my clients, transitioning some in person clients to online and starting to develop my online clients programs for the month of June. Some clients are choosing to do it on their own for the summer and see how it goes. I am afraid that I am going to have to start my business all over after maternity leave, but I am going to have faith that it'll all work out.

I don't mean to have this post be all about complaining. Just realism. :)

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