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Not Wanting to Workout

So I don't mean to complain. Compared to a lot of other pregnancies that I have heard about, I have had a fairly easy go at it, but being an athlete/someone who feels the majority of the time, this week has been rough.

I am not super tall - my legs are longer than my torso - so I a struggling to breathe. The baby is getting bigger. This means when I am sitting in my car, sitting on the couch, even standing sometimes, my lungs are crushed and I have to focus on taking deep breaths to give myself more room. Aside from not being able to breathe or maybe it's combined with that, I can't get comfortable anywhere. And most days, walking is hard. My hips and low back are achy and making it hard to maneuver around. Sometimes, I am fine, but other times, I get up from a chair and waddle until I loosen up my muscles. I have started to wear a SI belt to help my sacrum stay in place - so thankful Ashley told me to get one when I was recovering from my hip surgery - it has been a God send!

On top of all of it, I have been exhausted. Yesterday was the worst. I couldn't rally. Felt a little fuzzy but utterly spent. Thankfully, I had a lighter client load and laid on the couch for a while to rest.

I went to the dr today and she told me that starting next week, I will start to feel crappy. I was like too late, I'm there already. Granted today, even though I have been really busy with clients, I have felt a lot better than the rest of the week.

I love exercise - you all know that. But this week especially, I have struggled. I feel like my strength workouts are half hearted. I took a spin class yesterday morning and didn't push myself that hard. I think this is how most of my clients must feel every day. Tired, no motivation to exercise. The only difference is that I do it anyways. Sometimes I feel better after I finish, but other times, I feel the same. Just happy that I did it.

We have a rec center nearby that has a lazy river. I decided to go to it the other day and walk in the river. The buoyancy of the water felt so good that I stated to run. I ran the lazy river for about 20 minutes. It was amazing to run again!!!! I stopped after feeling some pressure on my pelvis and continued to walk. Water is amazing! I really should go more.

So my workouts this week wasn't what they are usually and I have walked more than anything, but I am proud that I have done something.

5ish weeks left!

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