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Not Exactly Loving Being Pregnant

So many people tell me how much they loved being pregnant. Maybe it's because it has been a few (or 20+) years and they forgot all the details, but I am not one of those people. I wouldn't say I hate it, but I am just not loving it. I have (mostly) gotten over the way my body is changing issues. I just am not really ever comfortable. Sitting on a couch is actually probably the worst. I now opt to sit on the floor with my back against the couch. Maybe I am not super motherly but feeling the baby move isn't as magical as everyone makes it seem. Sometimes it hurts! Like right now, I am not sure what Skittles is doing in here, but it feels like someone is taking their knuckles and brushing them over my upper stomach from the inside.

I am thankful to not have all those symptoms or issues that I hear other moms have. Sometimes I do forget that I am pregnant because I feel (mostly) normal. Except for when I have to bend down to pick something up or tie my shoe. Fun fact, if you look down at my sneakers, you will see that most of the time my laces are more to the inside of my foot, not in the center. That's because I can't reach! I am getting some pain in my pubic bone. I think it's called pubic symphysis dysfunction. It's not that bad and doesn't hinder me too much. It hurts the most doing a reverse lunge and if I walk a lot. I wore my SI belt (that I had gotten from my hip surgery) when walking on the treadmill yesterday and that helped a lot.

It's so funny how protective my husband has been over me. It's sweet, but as someone who is pretty independent, I am not loving it. For example, I wanted to do the Manitou Springs Incline over the past weekend, but didn't have anyone to go with me (and I knew he didn't want to do it), he wouldn't "let" me go. He is afraid if something happens, I'll be alone out there. I compromised and worked out at Red Rocks stairs instead. I do love stairs - or anything that gets my heart rate up, low impact.

The nausea when lying for too long on my back is quite alarming. I had been fine until last week. I was foam rolling and noticed feeling weird after being down there for a while. Pretty scary feeling. But it is a miracle how your body just knows and accommodates a growing person inside!

I do need to reign in my diet a bit. I am trying to eat more chicken (even though it tastes gross to me), veggies and smoothies to make sure I am eating protein and vital minerals. But sometimes, especially when I am short on time, I go for less healthy options. Like today, I bought a bag of cheese and caramel flavored popcorn. I do love that combo! I ate a good portion of the bag - and then threw it out so I didn't eat the rest. Yup, not much self control these days. That was sort of lunch. I did make myself eat tuna on a bed of spinach, tomatoes and cucumbers a couple hours after to make up for it.

Less than 7 more weeks to go!

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