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Baby Moon

My husband planned a semi last minute trip for us to go to Vegas for a babymoon. It was only for 3 days but was nice to get away. Because the weather was so warm, we were able to spend some time by the pool, relaxing. I do have to say that Vegas when pregnant was quite different than Vegas when I was 21!

One of the things we did was see the Body Exhibit. I know a lot of people have seen it since there is a traveling exhibit that goes around to major cities. But it was so cool! I wish they had more examples of the full body people with their muscles and tendons together while they are motion. I could tell my husband was getting bored when I spent so much time looking at these men and how the muscles all attach to one another. Seeing it in a book or a flat surface does not do its justice! The rest of the exhibit were of organs effected by various diseases, which was interesting but not as interesting to me as the muscles!

When he told me we were going to Vegas, my requirement for a hotel room was no smoke smell in the room if he could help it and the hotel had to have a gym. Does anyone else select hotels based on gyms (and breakfast)? Well the one he chose had a great gym. I only went to it one day since I was short on time before flying home the last day (I opted to sleep in and workout in the room than to go to the gym), but was impressed by the equipment they had and the number of people that were there working out.

I did a kettlebell workout and definitely got some weird looks from gym goers watching the pregnant lady swing around a heavy kettlebelll (Kind of like the looks I get from my neighbors when I put the sled around the front of my house).

We walked a ton! I got at least 24,000 steps a day -even on the day we spent 4 hours at the pool! So at least we got to move a lot. It was a fun getaway, although I wish it was for a longer time. Hopefully we will still be able to travel a lot once we have the baby!

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