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Being Sick When Pregnant Is The Worst

Chris and I felt back east last week to visit with our family. It was a really nice visit but I must have caught something nasty on the plane. A couple days after getting home, I noticed a tickle in my throat, which turned into a nasty cold. I am hardly ever sick since I usually have a good immune system - and take echinacea to really help strengthen it, but since I can't take it now, apparently Baby Skittles has made me like everyone else.

I tried to fight it - and even went to a spin class one night with friends. That was a STUPID idea. Not only did I struggle to breathe through it - and basically half assed it the whole time, but since I was breathing out of my mouth, it felt like my throat was raw. I had called the doctor and they told me there were a lot of over the counter meds that I could take, but I didn't really want to put extra chemicals in my body if I didn't need it. I've lived off hot water with lemon and honey, soup and carbs. Apparently that's all my body wanted. I did learn the delightfulness of Panera's delivery service!

I laid pretty low all weekend, loafing around and getting some things done. I did not exercise at all, minus walking. I did manage to get at least my minimum number of steps a day on my Fitbit (10,500 steps) - side note - I got the FitBit Charge 2 a couple weeks ago and LOVE IT! It's so much better than the Samsung Gear Fit and Garmin Vivo that I had.

I am feeling so much better this week. I even filmed another prenatal workout video. Check out my YouTube channel for it! It should be finished posting this afternoon. I do sound nasally in the audio, but at least I had the energy to do it. While I was editing my video, I seriously couldn't get over what I look like. Sure I see myself in the mirror but it's still so weird seeing my big belly and the other changes my body has been undergoing. I know I am my own worst critic, but it's interesting. Chris even commented yesterday that it was so weird seeing me look pregnant. So it's not just me! I am thankful though that I have my ankles and my face looks the same.

Working out this week hasn't been as easy to do. My desire just isn't there - it might be at about 60/70% - but I've been doing it anyways. Yes, because I am crazy. And I am doing the squat challenge that I posted on Facebook. 100, 300, or 500 squats a day. I am doing 500. Yes, it is safe to do. And no, it will not cause me to go into labor.

I posted a picture of me and my mom from last weekend. You can see my growing belly. :)

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