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Why Did I Take So Long to Buy Maternity Clothes???

I decided this past week that I only have 4 months left -well probably 6 more months before I can start working out harder - and this isn't forever, so instead of being hard on myself, just being proud of what my body is actually doing. I also made a trip to Target and Motherhood and bought maternity workout clothes for me to wear to work. Why didn't I do this at least a month ago????? Not having to buy larger sized clothes (which is totally mental), but keeping with my regular size and having clothes that covers all the areas I'm sensitive about and that make me feel good in my clothes again is worth the high price tag of the clothes.

I am trying to embrace the no running, although I might do another nice, easy run if the weather is nice out, as long as my body is okay with it. I ordered a push/pull sled to use on my driveway - so to all my in-person clients, watch out - you will be using it too! And over the weekend, I went to Red Rocks to walk up and down the 300+ stairs, as well as do a ton more leg exercises on the ampitheather steps. The weather was so nice over the weekend, that everyone was out exercising. It was wonderful seeing so many people pushing themselves to be healthier - people of all sizes and fitness levels. I was jealous of some of the exercises people were doing since I used to be able to do them (think jump squats down the steps, pushups, pulling yourself up on these tall pillars, running up the theater seats, doing burpees down, etc), but was proud of myself for enjoying the low impact workout. And let me tell you - I am SORE! My legs are hurting! Love it. I will definitely be going there to workout a lot more in the coming months, as long as the weather cooperates.

When I had hip surgery a year and a half ago, I started to enjoy walking - but then once I could run and do high impact exercises again, I only walked when I was with a client or walking Jersey. So I have taken advantage of the nice weather and have been walking outside a lot more -usually with Jersey - and sometimes at the local hiking trails. I listen to audio books while I workout and have been doing the same thing while walking. It's been joyful! I really am enjoying it. Sure, it doesn't give me the adrenaline high that running or other workouts provide, but I am focusing on enjoying this time of my life.

We are going to NJ to see family next week and this is the first time I don't have to pack my specific running sneakers, resistance bands or a lot of workout clothes. The hotel we are staying in has a bike and treadmill, which I will be using and my parents have a treadmill, and I am embracing it. I will be doing bodyweight exercises, but will use this weekend to allow my body to heal and rest up. If you know me, then you know this is a big deal. Go me!

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