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Self Criticism, Video Editing and Downtime

I am very excited to announce that I filmed my first PreNatal video for the series I am going to do throughout the rest of my pregnancy. I am thinking one every 2 weeks. I am finishing fine tuning the edits. I bought a new microphone for it, so I am learning how to combine audio with video in the software my husband set up for me. Not as easy as it seems! It should be available on my YouTube channel by tomorrow. You can access my channel here.

Thoughts on the video:

With my new mic, it picks up a lot of sound - including me breathing really heavy at certain parts since I was struggling to catch my breath a little bit and even me swallowing water! It is hard to exercise, smile, and talk the whole time and make it seem like it's a piece of cake. It gives me way more respect for those other fitness professionals who make videos all the time. Granted, they are in killer shape and probably don't do most of the exercises since they usually have a team of "back up dancers".

I think I look pretty terrible in the video. From my crazy hair sticking up (even though I actually used hair spray to prevent that from happening) to some bad camera angles where I think my legs look a lot bigger than they actually are. I know I am my own worst critic, but I can't help but notice how much my muscle tone has changed - or softened. Moreso in my upper body, but it's almost shocking to me. Although it really shouldn't be - when someone gains weight, it tends to go all over.

Anyways - enough being mean to myself. For whatever reason, I have had a couple light weeks with my clients. Some clients are experiencing difficulty with pregnancy so are taking a break, some are on vacation, sickness, work and the weather has caused clients to cancel. I am taking advantage of it to rest up a little, take Jersey on long walks, and to be able to dive more into my pre and postpartum athleticism course, as well as into reading this interesting book on sugar and flour and the effects they have on the body that a client told me about.

Today marks 24 weeks preggo. According to the Pelvic Floor PT that I had seen, I am supposed to stop running now. I had a really good 3 mile run over the weekend with Jersey and it makes me sad that I am going to be stopping. I think I am going to do one more longer run this week before I hang up my running sneakers. If I think positively about it, I won't have to buy running sneakers for at least another year. Money savings right there!

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