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Hating Being Compared and Pelvic Floor PT

I have learned that whenever people hear someone is pregnant, they have to tell you about their own pregnancy, even if it was 40+ years ago. I don't mind that, since I know that everyone's pregnancy is very different. However, the thing that bothers me the most is when they tell me how much weight they gained/didn't gain. 17 pounds gained, lost 20 pounds, 20 pounds gained, etc. Or when they started showing. I can't even tell you how many people have commented that they didn't start showing until 7 or even 8 months.

When I hear this, part of me wants to question myself. I feel like I am already showing - I am a lot thicker in the middle and poking out more than what I ever have looked like before. My normal, favorite clothes don't fit, although maternity clothes don't fit either.

My doctor told me I have to gain 30-35 pounds this pregnancy, which alone baffles me. But I am trying not to let those comments bother me.

Side note, I went to a pelvic floor PT recommended to me by my doctor. I don't have any issues or pain but wanted to see how strong my pelvic floor is and what I can do to make sure it stays strong, as well as to see her option on when I should stop running. I have been taking this pregnancy and postpartum athleticism course to help my pregnant clients, as well as myself. Their rule of thought is no high impact exercises, including running post week 14 due to the possibility of weakening the pelvic floor and causing issues during recovery.

The PT thought I was a little weird and crazy to be going now when I am fine, but she gave me basic exercises to do throughout my pregnancy to ensure it stays strong, and suggested running until 24 weeks. Now, the traditional school of thought for pregnancy is that if you were doing a certain type of exercise before you got pregnant, you can continue to do it while pregnant, just with less intensity as you progress through the pregnancy. But as I mentioned before, learning about the pelvic floor and high impact repercussions is fairly new.

So anyways, that means I only have a couple more weeks of running left before I need to find something else to replace it. It's funny - running hasn't felt as hard or bad as it did last month. I've been enjoying it a lot more, especially when it's been really nice out. Ah well - it is not worth the potential issues afterwards. I wonder what I am going to replace it with....

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