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January Goals

It’s a new year. I believe in doing yearly goals, rather than new years resolutions. I am still working on my big goals but I would like to run 1 mile a day for the month of January and to increase my water intake. I notice that sometimes I am spot on with my water but other days I don’t have much. It depends on the water bottle I use. I don’t do well drinking from cups -weird, I know.

I wore my first maternity clothes. I bought a pair of jeans and a friend lent me a pair of hers. Unfortunately, I am too small for those jeans (had to keep pulling them up) but am too big for my own pants. It’s a very awkward stage. But I’m sure that belly will pop up before I know it, so it’ll be fine.

My exhaustion has come back. I asked the doctor about it and she told me that athletic people generally feel more tired during their entire pregnancies since they are so used to feeling so good. So I might not have a chance at getting my energy back. I hate when people say to sleep when I can. I am not a napper - generally get angry when I cannot fall asleep, but I do go to bed early most days. Poor Chris.

I did run 5 miles outside without having to stop (minus a quick bathroom break), so that was awesome! My time was slower than normal, but it was nice out.

Update on my running 1 mile a day (since I wrote this a few weeks ago): I have stuck with it. I only forgot once and ended up running at 9pm on my treadmill. Some days I really didn't want to do the mile - and it felt really hard, but I sucked it up and did it. Other days, I enjoyed the run, whether it was with Jersey or a longer one. Not sure I will continue in Feb, though.

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