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Pregnancy Brain is No Joke

Pregnancy brain is no joke. I have heard my friends talk about it before but you never really understand something until you experience it yourself. Sure I have become forgetful - even forgetting what I was saying mid-conversation but nothing trumps this.

I was training at the gym and I saw there was a water bottle that another client had left by the door. The water bottle was the same one I have, only a different color. I finished training my client, said good-bye to her and locked the gym up. Somewhere between locking the gym door and being about 5 minutes from my house, I notice this pink water bottle that is not mine in the front seat of my car and my black one between my legs (it’s too fat to sit in the cup holder). I have NO IDEA how that water bottle got in my hair. It’s metal and full of water - meaning it was heavy. Somehow my brain shut off and managed to pick up the water bottle and carry the 2 water bottles, my tablet, coat, keys, wallet and whatever else into my car without even realizing it.

So yup - that, my friends -is pregnancy brain.

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