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Stupid High Heart Rate

So disregard what I said about running 600 miles during my pregnancy. I don’t think that is going to happen. It just feels so hard. My heart rate, which normally is pretty low (think 125 when running), keeps leaping upwards in the 160 mark. I know I should be sticking to around the 140 mark, so this is not acceptable. Plus, being that high, running just feels a lot harder.

My Dr said this may change now that I am in my 2nd trimester but holy crap. She said that athletic women who get pregnant notice this heart rate jump a lot more because normally are hearts are super efficient. Apparently this baby is not very efficient.

It was really warm out the other day in the afternoon, so I went out for a run. My plan was to do 4 miles. I made it .5 miles before I had to walk. After walking for a minute or two, I started up again. I maybe made it to the 1 mile marker from my house, when I just gave up. The heart burn in my throat was killing me, my heart rate monitor was digging in to my rib cage. I was barely trotting. It was not worth it.

Thankfully, I went out the next morning (when it was a lot less nice out) and ran the same loop and felt a lot better. Maybe morning runs are the way it will have to be? I need to just be happy on days when I feel up to running and on days when the run feels terrible, then I just need to walk the rest of the way and enjoy just being outside.

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