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Still an Exercise Junky...but now it's hard

I love to exercise. I know, I am an odd ball, but it makes me happy and gives me a sense of accomplishment once I finish. And I love to run, but lately, running hasn’t felt great - even at sea level. My heart rate keeps going berserk. I haven’t been running with a heart rate monitor because I honestly keep forgetting to put it on - even though it sits right by my sneakers. I stopped running one day and took my pulse. It was 170! My heart rate while running is normally 120. No wonder it felt so hard!

I am guessing this will pass soon, but I am listening to my body and walking when it feels too hard. That is what we all need to do - pregnant or not. It is important to push ourselves but also to listen to what our body is telling us.

I am still running, though. I read somewhere that a lady ran over 1000 miles while pregnant. I thought that was a great goal to reach - but now I don’t think that is realistic for me. I want to do at least 600 though. I am at 260 right now.

I am also still doing strength training. I have found though that I need to keep it under 45 minutes per session because otherwise I feel terrible that evening for pushing myself too hard.

I used to take pride in how many days in a row that I have exercised, without resting. (Stupid, I know) Now, I am forcing myself to have 2 rest days - although lately, it’s only been 1 day. While visiting family on the east coast, I have made an effort to take Jersey (our puppy) on long walks. I think I spoiled her with them, but it’s been so nice - as long as the weather cooperates. I even got my nieces, nephew, sister and husband to join me a few times! Yay for making exercise fun for the whole family.

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