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Mind Boggling

I had an interesting weekend. This whole pregnancy boggles my mind. Other than feeling nauseous and exhausted sometimes, it’s really easy to forget. I awkwardly told the first person (a friend) aside from Chris that I was pregnant - it went like this.

I was training her and we were talking about random things. And then I remembered I was going to tell her that day, so I said “OH! Guess what? I’m pregnant.” She just looked at me and told me that she thought I was going to comment on a tv show, not tell me huge news. Yes, I am a very awkward person. It would have been so much better over text, which I did the next day to her, complete with a picture of me and Chris holding the pregnancy test stick. She told me that it didn’t count. Ah well.

I am so tired, although I think it is partly because of the puppies we are fostering -and the kicker is that you can’t drink that much caffeine. I definitely went to bed at 7:15 one night. And you know what, I had no shame about it. I am listening to my body.

I also didn’t really want to eat that much, which was bad on Saturday since I ran my last long run before my half marathon in 2 weeks. And that night I felt so nauseous. If this continues, it is going to be a LONG 2 months (since they claim morning sickness goes away in the 2nd trimester).

Oh and I had some chocolate chip cookies, apple pie and a piece of apple butter braid...all in the same day. I kind of felt guilty, but didn’t want to eat anything else. I even made a protein shake for dinner because I knew I had to eat but wasn’t feeling like eating anything. See, I can be “normal”.

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