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Welp - I am pregnant.

Why am I so tired? I usually have a ton of energy, at least until night time. Am I coming down with the flu? I've been being queesy for a few days now. Why sports bra showing more cleavage than normal? Can I be…. No….it can't be true….. sure enough: 2 pink lines and a +Yes. I'm pregnant!

I'm filled with relief, excitement, fear and terror all at the same time, and I can't tell anyone (other than Chris, my husband).

I decided to write this blog from a personal trainer’s perspective of being pregnant. I welcome you to follow me on this super exciting but also scary adventure.

Once I saw the positive test, it seems like all my knowledge of prenatal fitness and nutrition went out the window. I've trained a handful of clients who were pregnant, yet when it came to me, I questioned if I was doing the right thing running so much for my upcoming half marathon and my lifting routines. I always said that I was going to continue working out hard while pregnant to stay in shape, but now I don't know. I don't want to lose Baby C.

But yup, I'm stubborn, so my plan is to run 12 miles tomorrow. Hoping for the energy to do it. And that my time is the same or faster than last week's.

Also, I feel nauseated most of the day and night. Thank God I haven't thrown up yet, but morning sickness isn't supposed to hit this early, right? I've stocked my pantry with peppermints and saltines. I haven't had crackers in such a long time that I felt guilty buying the box. In spite of the nauseousness, I can still eat most meals, and even had the urge (and followed through with it) to bake chocolate chip cookies. I've had at least 5 already. It's in the middle of the night that I feel like I want to die. This is going to be a loooooong few months if this keeps up.

Due to my puppy, Jersey, and this cute but annoying yippy puppy we are fostering, (on top of creating a human being) I'm flipping exhausted. I could seriously go to bed at 7 every night...just to be woken up by Jersey or the puppy at 10, 12, 1 and 430 to eat, play or just bark at each other.

For the love of everything that's holy, please stop barking!

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