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I'm Tired of Criticizing Myself!

Why am I on vacation at this gorgeous beach resort yet I'm consumed with how I wished I had a flatter stomach to look better in my bikini? Why do we do this to ourselves?! Why do we live in a society that makes us even consider these thoughts?

I seriously consider changing into the tankini top I brought to hide beneath. Then, after an internal chastisement, I remind myself to be confident in my body.

As I people watch from my lounger at the pool, I see so many women rocking bikinis. There are women of all body types. Only a handful of them have what society would deem as a bikini model body. Regardless, all the women were beautiful!

Like me, these women have stomach rolls when they are sitting. They have cellulite on their back side and their thighs jiggle when they walk. Sure, depending on the person, some is bigger or more than others. But you know what? That is what normal women look like, which is nothing to be depressed about!

As my husband points out to me, the image I see in the mirror differs greatly from how others see me. This is something I have always struggled with and what I try to help my clients with. If I (someone who is pretty fit) feel this way, I know others do too. And why?! Why do we, as women, torture ourselves for not having perfectly flat stomachs, large, perky breasts and/or the thigh gap? It's crap that Hollywood makes us feel this way!

I'm not saying this as an excuse to loaf on the couch all day eating whatever is in sight. After all, my job is to teach women to be healthier and stronger. But when living a healthy lifestyle (includes exercise and proper nutrition) with moderation built in, then we must be proud of our bodies!

I hate those ads for companies that promise that their clients will look like a fitness model or someone who is photoshopped on the cover of a magazine. If that is your sincere goal, then you go girl. But for most women whose goal is to be healthy and feel good about ourselves, we need to stop criticizing our imperfections! And to stop obsessing over what we don't look like or don't weigh. Rather be proud of our accomplishments.

Be proud of what our bodies allow us to do. Maybe it's being able to do a push or pull up. Or maybe it's for being a mom and creating another life. Maybe it's running, hiking, climbing or biking a certain distance.

I'm done with my self loathing! Its been going on for way too many years. I'm ready to change my mindset once and for all. Who's with me?

I want to hear what you are proud of your body for! Share by commenting below!

And please pass this post along to your friends who have this same internal struggle.

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