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Get Off The Couch and Exercise!

Most of us are unmotivated to exercise.

We know we should exercise, but in the early mornings we hit snooze as many times possible before dragging ourselves out of bed and barely making it to work on time. And after a long, usually stressful day of work, all we want to do is lie on the couch and veg out watching tv with a glass of wine.

If this sounds all too familiar, try one or all of these motivational tips.

Add exercise as a daily to-do item.

For all the list makers out there, this tip is perfect. Add a specific type of exercise with a time or distance goal as a daily to-do item.

Examples: Go for a 30 minute walk/run. Do a strength circuit for 20 minutes. Attend the 4pm spin class at the gymOnce completed, check that item from the list!

Doesn’t it feel good seeing that something was accomplished?

Exercise while watching tv or listening to an audio book.

How’s this for multi-tasking? Watch the news/Netflix or an audio book while exercising. A bodyweight strength circuit or walking on the treadmill is perfect for multi-tasking.

Being slightly distracted can make us forget we are exercising.

Earn a reward for exercising.

A small reward can be excellent motivation. A piece of dark chocolate or a smoothie are great examples.

Make sure not to go overboard so that the reward does not have more calories than what was burned!

Eventually, the workout and its magical endorphin rush should be reward itself.

Create a contract with someone.

We all need some form of accountability. Why not choose a friend who also struggles with motivation and create a contract together.

The contract can contain anything in it, but the most important part is not to let each other down!

Buy new workout clothes or sneakers.

Isn't it exciting to wear a new pair of sneakers or a new outfit? Have new clothing be a motivation!

Choose something that is flashy - afterall doesn't bright colors equal speed and strength?!

Stop being jealous of other fit people.

Whether at the gym, watching fitness DVDs or people on social media, we all have compared ourselves to others regardless of what we look like. But we need to stop it!

We all have individual strengths. Let’s capitalize on them and keep our eye on the goal!

Fake it.

It’s an old philosophy, but it applies. Pretend to like or even love [insert a type of exercise] until it actually does provide enjoyment.

Share which motivational tip will be the most helpful in the comments below or on my facebook page!

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