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The Scale Sucks

I hate the scale. I tell my clients not to weigh themselves on their own. I weigh my clients when they start with me and usually monthly, depending on their goals, but I tell them not to dwell on it because that number doesn't mean much - it doesn't define them. I also measure them, which I think is something my weight loss clients should consider more. I tell them that most likely, they will lose inches before they lose weight.

I was reading this material for a body image workshop (Victory Factor) for tween girls and it mentioned the scale which got me motivated to write this.

Prior to a couple months ago, I hadn’t weighed myself in a year - the last time was at the doctors - because my clothes all fit, so who cares what that number is. But then my husband brought home the new Under Armour Connected Fitness scale (he writes the Android software for it), so I had to try it out. And my number was about 5 pounds more than I expected it to be. So even though I tell my clients not to dwell on it and I knew better, I FREAKED out. I started tracking everything I ate and the amount of calories I burned. I got my hormones tested, since lack of progesterone is known to cause weight gain (which I am so glad I did that test because I found out that my hormones were really low). I worked out even harder than before and I hired a virtual personal trainer (even personal trainers want to get advice from other trainers sometimes).

It honestly took me a few weeks to knock sense back into me. I know I am a lot stronger than I was over a year ago. My clothes still fit for the most part. I don’t have excess fat hanging out over my clothes. So what was my problem? WHO CARES what the scale said. Why was I punishing myself for what the stupid scale told me?!

In the Body Image workshop, it asks the tweens what if instead of having the scale be your enemy, it be your friend. If it was your friend, it would provide words of encouragement every time you stepped on it - instead of radiating a number that could either make you feel great about yourself (you lost weight) or making you feel like a failure (you gained weight).

In an attempt to get out of my funk, I had put post-its up on my bathroom mirror to boost my confidence. Mine are the same as what I think my scale would tell me.

  • You are strong

  • You are beautiful

  • You are awesome

  • You are healthy

  • Remember at all the amazing things your body has allowed you to do

I encourage you all to stop punishing yourself for whatever the number on the stupid scale says and celebrate yourself and everything your body allows you to do.

Share with us on my social media what your scale would tell you. @trainedbystef

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