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Sorry - There's No Such Thing as a Magic Pill to Health

We all want instant gratification. Everywhere we turn, it seems like there's advertisements promising that in regards to our health and how we look.

The fitness magazines that promises flat abs in 30 days with only 6 exercises, the diet program that promises you will lose 2 sizes in a week, the exercise DVD that promises a 10 lb weight loss in 21 days.

And then my clients wonder why they lost only 3 pounds in a month.

Guess what? Those promises are, unfortunately, not a reality. I'm sure there's 1-2% of people that will actually see those promised results, but for the rest of us, it's not going to happen.

I tell my clients that losing 3 pounds in 4 weeks for a woman client aged 40-65 moderately overweight is something to be proud of!

Let's talk for a second about what if it does happen. Say you lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks, dropping 15 inches and 2 pants sizes. You now look and feel great. Do you stop and go back to the habits you had before the 3 weeks started, eating junk food, barely exercising, and consuming a lot of alcohol? If you do, then your body will go back to how it was - or even worse because you now really messed up your metabolism.

I ask my clients to give me 3 months of training them before they will for sure see results, as long as they do what I ask of them. Some may see results much faster (especially men - those lucky fellows can drop weight so much faster than women), but for sure, after 12 weeks of constant exercise and healthy eating. But I can't promise in 3 months that clients will have flat abs, be bikini ready or drop 50 lbs. That's most likely unmanageable and unsafe.

My training style is to get my clients moving - to make them stronger and establish healthier habits. I want to teach them to skills they need to live a healthy life. Unfortunately there is no instant gratification in training with me. But, there will be times when I remind you that only after 6 weeks of training, you went from being able to do 10 modified pushups to now doing 10 on your toes. Or you realize you are now curling 20 lb dumbbells instead of 15. Or you see definition in your shoulders that has never been there before. Or you can fit into your "thinner" pants. But that happens only after you put the work in. You earn those moments!

I've been working on my body consistently for about 4 years now. Some seasons I am laser focused on my training and diet and my body shows that, while other seasons, I focus on maintaining and enjoying life. And THAT'S OKAY! This is a lifestyle I am building, not a quick fix to get ready for summer and a bikini. Life comes with bumps and curves and we have to go with it.

I have to say that am most proud of my arms. It's been hard work getting the muscle tone that I have, including a set back where I broke my scapula (shoulder blade) and lost all my muscle in my right arm and had to start from scratch. (It was such a deflating moment when after the bone healed, I tried to raise my arm and physically could not hold it up.) I didn't wake up one day to toned arms - I had to put in the work at the gym. Let me tell you - there was a lot of sweat, grunting and maybe an occasional curse and tears.

So - if you want a trainer who will help arm you with the tools to build a healthy life, then please contact me! I'd LOVE to help you get on the road to health.

If you're looking for a quick fix, then I'm sorry but I'm not your girl.

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