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It's Okay To Not Be a Twig with a Six Pack

Do you know what really urks me like no other? When I see all the fitness advertisements in magazines, social media, or on tv saying showing women wearing practically nothing. Or women’s before and after pictures that show an overweight, curvy woman turn into a twig with a six pack. This gives the message that you have to look a certain way to be healthy and fit. But you know what? That's not what life is all about! Life is about enjoyment. It is about being healthy and being confident in the body you have. Everyone is different. There are many different body types out there. Some people will never look like those women regardless of what they try. And you know what? That is OKAY! You can be perfectly healthy and strong and be a size 10 or Large.

Some people might say I get worked up over this topic because I am jealous of those women - that I wish I could look like them. And maybe a small part of my vainness would think that is true, but then my true self wants to smack my vainness upside the head and tell it to shut up.

I was recently watching a very popular fitness program. I was APPALLED when I saw who was in the video. They had 2 very fit men (one shirtless), 4 very fit women (including the instructor) wearing the equivalent of booty shorts and a sports bra, and a woman who was modifying all the exercises. The modifier was the only normal looking person in the video! She was overweight and fully clothed in capris and a baggy t-shirt.

I was pissed off for the modifier and for the message this shows to women doing the program. This shows me that if you are a bigger woman then you have to modify the exercises, using either no weights or very light weights. First of all, heavier people in general are stronger than smaller people because they have more weight to carry around. I have clients of all shapes - NONE of them need to use only their body weights for upper body exercises - not even on day 1! I have 60 year old clients who can hold their own using 10# weights.

I could be wrong, but I think the majority of women buying this DVD program have the same body shape or bigger as the modifier. I don’t want to see half naked people while I am working out. Seeing half naked men and women don’t motivate me to keep going. And I think it’s safe to bet that most people feel the same way I do.

Being healthy does not have to mean that you look like a supermodel. You can be healthy but still have some extra weight around your middle or some jiggle in your thighs. I urge you to be confident in the body you are in and work towards being healthy, not looking like a twig with a six pack!

Please tell me that I am not the only one that all of this bothers? Share your thoughts below in the comments or on my Facebook page.

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