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I Just Blew My "Diet" - I Should Just Quit

We have all been there. Whether we are “dieting”, trying to eat healthier, or attempting to eliminate eating certain foods (ie. sugar), something happens that we blow it. Maybe it was a birthday party and we were tempted with a piece of cake (it’s bad luck for the birthday person if we don’t eat their cake, right?), had a bad day at work and ate a bag of chips, or are mad at our spouse/kid/dog and house a box of chocolates.

I guess then we should just quit this whole thing, right? WRONG

I really believe that you should never diet - that just provides room to feel like a failure if you aren’t following it exactly. Rather, change your habits to make yourself healthier. Be aware of what you are actually consuming and try to eat more whole foods than processed. Try to eliminate sugar (including artifical sweetners - that is worse than regular sugar). Lower the amount of alcohol you drink. Focus on eating whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, sweet potatos) opposed to less nutritious carbs, like breads.

And if you have a piece of cake, WHO CARES?!

You didn’t blow the whole week’s worth of hard work not eating those types of foods by eating chocolate (although really try to not eat the entire box…). Don’t beat yourself up for it. Remember, this is a lifestyle you are adapting, not a fad diet. You can occassionally enjoy food that you love that may not love you back….just make it occassionally.

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