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A Day In The Life of a Personal Trainer

This topic was requested by a client of mine, so I apologize if it’s boring. This is a little hard to do because, for me at least, every day is different. So I’m going to write about today (Friday) and if it’s well received, I might do another day.

Being a personal trainer means that my hours revolve around when client’s can workout, so that means starting at 5:15am most days of the week.

4:40am - my alarm goes off and I hit snooze

4:50am - the alarm goes off again and I grab my phone to start waking myself up. Throw clothes on, grab prepared breakfast and snacks (depending on my schedule for the day and when I’ll be home next), and head to Powered By You Training Studio where I teach a 5:30 am 30 minute total body class.

6am - I had a cancellation from 6-7, so I head back home. I have about 45 minutes before I have to head out again, so I decide to squeeze in a 20 minute workout. Then, I make scrambled eggs with veggies

7am - Head to a client in Castle Pines for an hour session there (about a 25 minute drive without traffic)

9:30am - Due to traffic going to and from my client I only have 30 minutes before my next appointment, so I decide to swing by Optimal Health Matters (a Chiropractor and Wellness office where I also train out of) to grab another 20 minute workout/stretch session.

10:00 - Physical Therapy - Yes even personal trainers get injured and have to see a physical therapist for it.

11:15am - Back to Optimal Health Matters to train a client

12 pm - Get another 20 minute workout in (so that’s an hour for today!). Make a quick lunch (large salad with plain chicken)

1:30pm - Train a client at my house

2pm - Head out to train a client in Denver (about a 20 minute drive)

2:40pm - Head home

3:15pm - Grab a snack (Handful of nuts and an apple) and take my dog for a walk

4pm - Train a client at my house

4:45pm - I am done for the day. Generally on Friday, I am done between 2:30 and 4:30 since no one really wants to workout on a Friday night, and I promised my husband I would usually keep Friday nights open for date night. Other week days, I have clients to teach a bootcamp class until 7 or 7:30.

I’m not a huge fan of cooking, but I also don’t really enjoy going out to eat that often, minus breakfast, so I force myself to throw something together for dinner for my husband and me. Usually a protein, vegetable, and either brown rice or a microwaved sweet potato.

I generally pass out sometime between 8:30 and 10.

So that’s my “typical Friday”. I will be teaching 2 classes Mondays and Fridays at Manic Training, so throw that into my schedule. On days when I am back and forth driving to and from a lot of places, I find it hard to eat. Some days I only have a max of 10 minutes at home before a client is due to come, which is not enough time to throw together a big salad or eat a bowl of chili. So I try make sure that I have healthy snacks in my car (dried mangos with no added sugar or a piece of fruit, protein shake that I make the day before, cashews or raw almonds, Kind Bars, etc.) and eat something every couple hours so I don’t get grumpy (yes I am one of those people who are not pleasant to be around if they are hungry) or overly hungry so that when I do have access to food I go over board.


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