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Foods You Shouldn't Be Eating

I recently read a blog post by Neghar Fonooni from Girls Gone Strong addressing this topic. I liked it so much, I wanted to add my own twist to her idea.

“Fish is SO good for you.”

“Avoid ingredients you can’t pronounce.”

“Carbs are bad for you.”

“Eat lots of vegetables but avoid starchy ones.”

“Red meat can be good for you, but it can also lead to clogged arteries.”

We are constantly hearing these “rules” about the food we eat. I’m confused by them all. Aren’t you?

It seems like what’s bad for us one day is good for us the next. I remember when eating eggs was bad because they were supposed to make our cholesterol high, but now eggs are highly encouraged as a source for protein.

Here are 4 tips that you should follow of foods that you should not be eating.

Foods that make your gut feel icky

We all have experienced it. The rumbling in your gut after you’ve eaten something perhaps you shouldn’t have. And the feeling of ickiness that follows. Years ago, I used to experience this fairly often, chalking it up to eating too fast or too much. In recent years, after doing cleanses and actually listening to my body, I’ve been able to narrow it down to specific foods. For me, it’s store bought ravioli and ice cream. Without a doubt, soon after either either of those two things, I will experience that rumbling sensation in my gut. So you know what I do about that? Yup, I avoid eating both of them.

Why would you want to feel terrible after eating something? Yummy tasting food or not, avoid anything that results in you feeling bad afterwards.

Foods that make you feel guilty

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve experienced that guilt that comes after eating something you know you shouldn’t have. This feeling of guilt and what triggers it is different for everyone. It might be a chocolate truffle, a piece of cheesecake, a block of swiss cheese, or a strip of bacon.

If you feel guilty after eating something, don’t eat it. Nothing is worth you beating yourself up over!

Foods that you don’t like

Just because you read somewhere that tofu is good for you, doesn’t mean you have to eat tofu, especially if you don’t like it. The same goes with anything that is deemed healthy. We all know that lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables are primarily what we should be eating, but forcing yourself to eat something that you don’t enjoy eating is not the way to go. Eating should be an enjoyable experience - even eating healthy! It should not be an experience where you have to choke your food down.

Bottom line, don’t force yourself to eat anything!

Foods that you can’t resist

We all have that food. The food that if it’s in your house you will practically binge eat it until it is gone. For me, it’s the large bag of Chicago Style popcorn from Costco (cheddar cheese and caramel popcorn mixed together...mmmm heaven). That only leads to feeling guilty and icky afterwards. Two feelings we should be avoiding.

So if there is something that you know you can’t resist, why buy it and bring it home? It’s better to have it on a rare occurrence while you’re out somewhere, so you can enjoy it but not have to worry about binging on it at home.


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