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Something is Better Than Nothing

I really believe the biggest factor you need to consider when trying to become a regular exerciser is consistency. Yes, doing one workout a week is better than doing nothing at all, but it’s not as good as doing 3-5 workouts a week. Sometimes consistency is hard; life is busy, I get it, but if you start establishing a routine with includes some type of exercise into it, you will really reap the benefits. Depending on what type of exercise you do, you can have more energy, become more flexible, lessen pain throughout your body, become stronger, lower your blood pressure and even lose weight.

The majority of people who don’t regularly exercise say it’s because they don’t have enough time. Recently, I posted a video blog of tips on how to find time to exercise. (It can be found here) Tip number 3 is what I wanted to talk about in this post.

Sometimes something is better than nothing, especially when trying to keep the consistency of exercise. If you literally only have 10 or 15 minutes between when you finish helping your kid with their homework and when dinner is going to be ready, then do a quick workout. Or during the day when your eyes are so strained from staring at the computer for 3 hours straight or you’re getting frustrated with your office mate chomping on their gum, take a quick break and get some exercise in. You can go for a walk outside to get some fresh air, do some squats, lunges and incline pushups using the sink or wall in the restroom, walk up the stairs to the top floor and back down a couple times. Everything counts. If you take 3-10 minute breaks throughout the day doing some type of exercise during that time, it counts as a 30 minute workout for you for the day.

Now, only doing 10 minutes of exercise a day is not going to help you shed those unwanted pounds, so don’t think that. But on days when you don’t have time to get that bigger workout you had planned, then 10 minutes is fine! Go for a 10 minute walk, do a quick plyometric workout, do 10 minutes of core or butt work (videos for both can be found on my youtube channel. But be as consistent as you can with your exercise - that way you can really reap the benefits. I promise you, the more consistent you are, the better you will feel and look!

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