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Thank you for joining me in this challenge! 

An email will arrive in your inbox in the next few minutes.

To get fully signed up for this challenge, there are 2 things I need you to do:

1) Click the PayPal button below to pay for the challenge. 

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2) You also need to make sure you confirm your subscription with Mail Chimp to be able get the Tank Top Arms Challenge emails!

If you don’t see the email in a few minutes, please check your junk folder!

You'll be working towards your new summertime, confident self in no time!


As soon as you pay (and confirm your subscription) you should get a welcome email from me. If you do not see that email or the subscription email, please try subscribing again (maybe you got your email address wrong). If it still does not happen, then please email me here. I will send it directly to you. 

While you wait, for more encouragement, recipes and habits, join us on Facebook!


This Facebook Community is filled with talented, ambitious, driven, strong, people who have done past challenges before and are determined to create bodies and lives they love. If you aren't a member yet, come on over and join us! 


Exercising doesn't have to be overwhelming or suck. Who knows - maybe you will even enjoy these workouts and nutrition challenges so that you will continue with it after the 4 weeks are over. If not, at least your arms will be looking more toned in time for tank top weather! 

I look forward to going on this journey with you!

To gaining confidence this summer,

    Coach Stef 

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