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What is included in this challenge?
✔Initial consult with me - via email or a phone call
✔6 week detailed workout program consisting of 3 workouts a week (that's 18 different workouts!

✔Weekly check-ins to make sure you are doing okay and actually doing the workouts
✔Weekly nutritional challenges 

✔Ongoing text message or email support 
✔Facebook Community support group

Get Fit for Summer in 6 Weeks!

Are you freaking out that summer is right around the corner and you’re not ready to wear shorts, tank tops, or a bathing suit yet?    If yes, sign up for this 6 week Get Fit for Summer Challenge!

Starting May 1, I'll help you get stronger, more toned and feel more confident in your summer clothes. All from the comfort of your own home.  

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    Cost is $75 

Some questions you might have:

How long are these workouts? 

I have geared the workout to be anywhere from 10-40 minutes long, depending on how much time you have. Each circuit should take you around 10 minutes to complete and it's up to you if you want to repeat it.

What equipment do I need for these workouts? 

You will need a timer. Most of the workouts are body weight movements, but some of the upper body exercises it would be more beneficial if you had hand weights, resistance bands, or even some heavy rocks (or water bottles).

How do I track my progress? 

To track your strength, I will compare the number of exercises you’re able to perform at the start (ie. pushups, squats) vs how many you can do at the end. I will also ask how you feel doing the workouts to compare how you feel from the beginning to the end of the six weeks. To track your physical change, at the start of the challenge, I will ask participants to take pictures of themselves, as well as take measurements of their arms, stomach, thighs, chest. At the end of the challenge, I will ask the participants to compare themselves to the pictures and re-measure to see the results.

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