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Utterly Exhausted

Pregnancy exhaustion is no joke. I now completely understand why I have read that clients need to tell their trainers how they are feeling and we have to adjust their workouts based on their levels of exhaustion.

Let me give you an example. I normal don’t nap or even rest much, but I lie on the couch for an hour before having to go to bookclub. I have a cup of water literally 2 feet away from me on the coffee table. I am super thirsty but have no energy to reach out and raise my shoulders off the couch to grab the glass of water, so I opt to be thirsty instead of having to get the water. I don’t nap but am resting. I see it’s time to leave for bookclub. I can’t manage to sit up yet. 5 minutes go by, then 10, then 20. Finally I know I am going to be at least 30 minutes late since I have to grab the snack I am bringing with me, put my shoes on, let the dog out, etc, and finally get off the couch.

It’s no joke folks.

Normally a super healthy eater, I found that carbs are the only food that doesn’t make me nauseous - and I don’t feel sick when I am eating so that means more and more crackers (triscuits especially), bread and popcorn. I even ordered french toast at a diner the other day for dinner. I don’t even know the last time I even had french toast! I have to tell you that it WAS SO GOOD!

Instead of being upset with myself, I figure I am going to embrace it and go with the flow.

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